FAQ - Printers for Oil Change Labels

What's the benefit of using an oil change sticker printer?

What types of printers do you sell?

Do you sell the zebra printer?

Can I buy a SmartPrint printer?

Which labels work with your printer?

Why do lube sticker printers cost so much?

Aren't there cheaper options on the market, like the Brother?

What about the INDY Print 2?

I just bought a printer from OILabel.com. Can you help me set it up?

What if my printer breaks?

Do you offer a warranty?

Will you repair my printer?


FAQ - Stickers for Oil Change

Why do people use oil change stickers?

What does oil change sticker mean?

Why should I use an oil change sticker?

What does next service due mean?

What types of sticker materials do you offer?

Is static cling material the best?

What's the benefit of white low tac material?

Which sticker materials work with your printer?

Can I purchase in bulk?

Do you print custom lube labels?

Can I put my shop's logo on the sticker?

What if I need labels for my current printer?

What about BOPP material?

What's your standard sticker size? Does everyone use the same size?

Is there a preferred pen to use when handwriting labels?

My stickers are falling off windshields. Why?


FAQ - Ink Ribbons for Oil Sticker Printers

What are ink ribbons?

How many labels can I print with an ink ribbon?

Are all ink ribbons the same?

How do I install an ink ribbon?


FAQ - My OILabel.com Order

How long before my order ships?

What carrier do you use for shipping?

Is there a program I can set up to reorder automatically?

What's your return policy?

What are your business hours?

How are your prices so cheap?

Do you sell other types of stickers/labels?

How soon can I expect my custom labels to arrive?

Can you send me samples?

How many years have you been in business?

What if I have more than one location?