Custom Oil Change Stickers

We offer two kinds of custom oil change stickers

1. Customized Stock Oil Change Stickers (most cost effective)

2. Fully Customized stickers (described below)

Customized Stock Oil Change Stickers

These window stickers utilize an existing label and personalize the sticker by adding your shop's contact information to the white or clear space at the bottom of the label. These oil stickers are great for a shop who uses handwritten labels but wants more customization than the standard stock label.

Fully Customized Stickers

Custom oil change stickers are a great way to give your shop that extra branding boost. We produce millions of custom oil stickers a year, and would love to help with your shop. Please fill out the form below along with general information about what you're looking for and we will provide you with a quote within 30 minutes. (M-F 8am-5pm CST)

If you have artwork, please send it to

Material Options for Fully Customized Stickers

Static Cling (white or clear)

Low-tac adhesive (white or clear)

Printer Compatibility (or handwritten)

We can make a custom oil sticker for any sticker printer format you might have


Godex RT 200i

Zebra TLP 2824

ISI / 4" Cognitive Blaster

Cobra Systems

Number of color

1-8 colors or 4cp (white counts as a color if it's a clear label)


Runs typically start at 5,000 stickers up to several million