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What Does Oil Change Sticker Mean?


An Oil Change Sticker generally tells you three pieces of information: The date of service, the type of oil used, and the mileage. Some oil change stickers are handwritten using a fine-point sharpie, while others are professionally printed with a thermal oil change printer. Shops will put their contact information on the sticker to encourage you to return to their shop for repeat revenue.

An automotive repair shop or dealership has the ability to determine whether they want to use today's date of service or suggest a return date. In addition, the shop can determine whether to use your current mileage or suggest a return for service mileage. 

The historic mileage between oil changes is 3,000 miles, but that has been changing in recent years. Some manufacturers will recommend 5,000 miles, while others will recommend 7,500 miles between services. Regardless of the miles, most mechanics recommend you service your vehicle at least every 5,000 miles.