Kia Oil Change Stickers - Clear Static Cling

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Perfect for Kia dealers or a Kia enthusiast, these labels will help remind your customers when it’s time to return for an oil change. Your customers will love them too because they are convenient and don’t leave behind a sticky residue. The clear label aids in visibility.

The white boxes can be printed on using your printer’s software or can be written on with a fine-tip sharpie (for best results).

The clear space below the white boxes is perfect for including your dealer location information and possibly a promotion to encourage return service.

Printer Compatibility 

these labels work with the following printers:

  • SmartPrint
  • PennzPrint
  • Q-Print
  • ShellPrint

Material: Clear Static Cling

Ribbon Compatibility: These labels work best with the SmartPrint style printer and SmartPrint Ribbons.

Label Size: 1.8125" x 2.5" (portrait orientation)

Printer Position: black stripe on back of liner

Roll Orientation: Rolled inside-out, copy position

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped for safe keeping

Quantity: 500 per roll (1 Quantity = 1 roll of 500 stickers)

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