GM Oil Change Stickers - Clear Static Cling

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Perfect for ­GM dealers or a GM enthusiast, these labels will help remind your customers when it’s time to return for an oil change. Your customers will love them too because they are convenient and don’t leave behind a sticky residue. The clear label aids in visibility.

The white boxes can be printed on using your printer’s software or can be written on with a fine-tip sharpie (for best results).

The clear space below the white boxes is perfect for including your dealer location information and possibly a promotion to encourage return service.

Printer Compatibility these labels work with the following printers:

  • SmartPrint
  • PennzPrint
  • Q-Print
  • ShellPrint

Material: Clear Static Cling

Ribbon Compatibility: These labels work best with the SmartPrint style printer and SmartPrint Ribbons.

Label Size: 1.8125" x 2.5" (portrait orientation)

Printer Position: black stripe on back of liner

Roll Orientation: Rolled inside-out, copy position

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped for safe keeping

Quantity: 500 per roll (1 Quantity = 1 roll of 500 stickers)

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