About Us

OILabel.com is a quick and easy online store for inexpensive oil change stickers, oil printers, ink ribbons, and accessories.

Oil change stickers can be confusing because there's so many options available and the printer, ribbon, and label compatibility is so crucial. We've tried to simplify the process for ordering and using these supplies through our easy site navigation and helpful product tutorials and videos.

We believe in the marketing power of a well made oil sticker. It's one of the most important and meaningful ways to encourage your customers to return to your shop for service. Further, using an oil change sticker printer can add a professional element to the service you perform daily. The ability to add coupon codes or discount offers through the oil sticker printer is a huge advantage.

To keep you from running out of supplies, we offer speedy ship times, with most products shipping within 48 hours of the time of order.

Our customer service team is very skilled at helping you through your technical or compatibility issues over the phone. Give us a call at (888) 307-5352 so we can better assist you.