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Oil Change Stickers for Your SmartPrint Oil Sticker Printer

SmartPrint oil change reminder stickers are specially formatted to fit the SmartPrint series of printers (including PennzPrint, Q-Print, ShellPrint), the most widely-used and trusted oil change printer on the market. 

Stickers for this printer are available in clear static and white low-tac, with a variety of brands. 

Replenishment ribbons: SmartPrint Ribbons

  • Kendall Oil change Stickers - For use in an oil sticker printer Kendall Oil Change Sticker for your printer

    Kendall Oil Change Stickers - White Low-tac

    Perfect for oil change shops and dealers using Kendall products, these labels will help remind your customers when it’s time to return for an oil change. Your customers will love them too because they are convenient and don’t leave behind a...

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  • Kendall Oil Change Stickers - clear static cling Kendal oil change reminder sticker - static cling and printer compatible

    Kendall Oil Change Stickers - Clear Static Cling

    This classic 1T label featuring Kendall branding can be used with several different printers for a clean professional look or it can be handwritten using a permanent marker. This label is made of static cling material - the industry standard for oil...

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