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Oil Brand Stickers

Handwritten Oil Change Stickers for Your Favorite Oil Brand

We offer various types of lubricant branded oil labels for handwritten use in your automotive repair shop. With these stickers, your customers will know exactly what brand of oil is being used in their vehicle, creating brand loyalty for the oil brand and your shop. 

If you select the "customized label" option on the product page, you can add your contact information to these labels, creating an even better product. 

  • Clear Static Cling Oil Change Stickers with Chevron branding. Rolls of 500 static cling oil change stickers - works in your printer!

    Chevron Oil Change Stickers - Clear Static Cling

    Oil change stickers with Chevron branding come 500 stickers per roll and are ready to load into your printer system. This classic oil sticker design works well with handwritten or compatible oil sticker printers to give your brand a professional look and...

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