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Dealership Stickers

Handwritten Oil Change Stickers for Dealerships

These stickers are ideal for dealerships who want to provide a clean and professions lube reminder label without the added cost of an oil sticker printer. The clear static labels allow for extra visibility of the drivers as well as a no-residue adhesive. The white boxes on the labels ensure your fine-tip sharpie is clearly visible. Your customers will love the new look these labels give your shop. 

  • Kia Clear Static Oil Change Stickers for handwritten use or to be used in an oil change printer system

    Kia Oil Change Stickers - Clear Static Cling

    These oil change stickers are intended to help your customers keep track of upcoming service on their vehicle. This version of Kia stickers work in the SmartPrint printer system as well as a handwritten sticker. For handwritten use, a fine sharpie...

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