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Oil Change Stickers: Many Different Styles

Oil Change Stickers: Many Different Styles

Posted by OILabel on Sep 9th 2019

Oil Change Stickers: Many Different Styles

Oil change stickers, lube labels, reminder stickers, service due stickers... all of these terms refer to the little stickers in the upper left corner of your windshield that serve a really helpful purpose: to help remind you when it's time to return for your next oil change. There's various types of oil change stickers, regardless of what they're called, and that's what we'll look at today.

Traditional Oil Change Stickers

The most basic oil change sticker is a clear static label, about 1.5" by 2.5" in size, with basic information such as the type of oil used and a mileage reminder listed. These stickers can be either handwritten or printed in black ink using a specialized printer system. The static cling material is perfect for these reminder stickers because the short time period of use (about 3-6 months) means no sticky residue has to be removed after each service. 

The traditional stickers generally have a brand featured prominently at the top of the sticker. This branding space is valuable real estate to create oil brand loyalty or to encourage return service for automotive repair shops. 

White Low-Tac Stickers

Performing the same function as the traditional stickers, low-tac stickers were developed for automotive shops who wanted to make sure the sticker stuck to the window a little stronger than traditional static cling. Like the static stickers, these stickers are applied to the inside of the glass so it's visible to the driver at all times. 

Double-sided stickers

In order to take advantage of every inch of advertising space, oil brands and large franchise chains started using double-sided oil change stickers. These stickers use the dead space on the back of the sticker to reinforce the preferred brand of oil or service center. The extra branding real-estate costs a little extra, but considering it's only a couple pennies per oil change of expense, many brands find it to be a wise investment. provides an extensive selection of each style of oil change sticker. If you would like to learn more about the products we offer, please visit the links below.

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